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Brand Product code Description Selling Price
AECO YIP000095 SIP40-NE20 LC10 AGD1
AECO YIP000096 SIP40-NE20 K AGD2
AECO YIP000097 SIQ80-NE50 AGD2
AECO YIP000098 SIQ80-NE50 LC5 AGD2
AECO YIP000099 SIQ80-NE50 LC10 AGD2
AECO YIP000100 SIQ80-NE50 K AGD2
AECO YRL000006 RL-A AD1/2 24Vdc
AECO YRL000007 RL-A AD1/2 24Vac
AECO YRL000008 RL-A AD1/2 48Vac
AECO YRL000009 RL-A AD1/2 110Vac
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