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Brand Product code Description Selling Price
BAUMER 10106006 Winkel 80 *60 *40
BAUMER 10106011 Round male conn straight M20/7 pins
BAUMER 10106012 Round male conn straight Bayo/10pins
BAUMER 10107540 Drehmomentstift 4.0 *20 BHF/G
BAUMER 10107670 Kupplung 25.0*28.0 6H7/ 6H7
BAUMER 10107687 Round fem conn straight M23/12 pins
BAUMER 10109520 Drehmomentfeder 16.2* 7.5* 7.3
BAUMER 10110242 Connector 12pin male M23 straight - righ
BAUMER 10110574 Reduzierwelle BHF 12h6/6h7*20
BAUMER 10110616 Spannbride 15* 3.8 Set
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