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Brand Product code Description Selling Price
BAUMER 10118532 Connector 12pin female M23 straight cabl
BAUMER 10118566 ESW 31S/KSG32SH0300
BAUMER 10118590 BDK 01.24K500/400009
BAUMER 10118591 BDK 01.24K10/400010
BAUMER 10118625 UNDK 30P1713
BAUMER 10118626 UNDK 30P1713/S14
BAUMER 10118664 MY COM C100/S35
BAUMER 10118745 IFRP 18P1501/S14
BAUMER 10118782 UNAM 30U9103
BAUMER 10118829 KS 33C PG7 5pins
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