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Brand Product code Description Selling Price
LIKA MI36-V0004 MI36-L1-01024-ZCU-06-JT-RL010
LIKA MI36-V0005 MI36-L2-01024-ZCU-06-PT-RL010/S244
LIKA MI36-V0015 MI36-Y2-00500-ZNF-06-JT-AL020
LIKA MI36-V0017 MI36-Y2-01024-ZCU-06-PT-AL010
LIKA MI36-V0018 MI36-Y2-01024-ZNF-06-JT-RL010
LIKA MI36K-V0001 MI36K-N2-00500-ZNF-06-JT-AL020
LIKA MI36K-V0002 MI36K-Y2-00020-ZNF-06-PT-AL010
LIKA MI36K-V0003 MI36K-Y2-00500-ZNF-06-JT-AL050
LIKA MI36K-V0004 MI36K-Y2-01024-ZCU-06-JT-AL005/S700
LIKA MI36K-V0005 MI36K-Y2-01024-ZNF-06-PT-AL020
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